Our Solutions For The New Sony XR-100X92 and FW-100BZ40J


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Sony XR-100X92 and FW-100BZ40J Specifications:

VESA - 600 * 400

Display Dimensions (Without Stand) - W 2260mm (88.98") H 1297mm (51.06") D 98mm (3.86") 

Display Weight - 88.9kg (196lbs)



Integrating a display of this scale into a project is a challenging prospect for any interior designer. This is why we're excited to showcase a variety of options to mount and fully conceal this display from view. Our solutions give clients access to the latest technology without the permanence of a traditionally mounted display interrupting the aesthetic of their space.

As we have an in-house design and manufacturing teams we can customise our standard range of mechanisms to pair perfectly with this 100" display. Pricing will be available on request for these customised solutions. You can contact us for pricing for specific mechanisms mentioned throughout this article.






HQA2 - Two-Way Motorised Display Mount

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This motorised wall mount is based on the same design principles as our award-winning QA2 and can rotate the Sony 100" up to 43° left or right. This allows the display to rotate to face multiple directions, making it ideal for open-plan office spaces/meeting rooms. When the display isn't being used it can be retracted to sit parallel to the wall like a traditional fixed bracket. 


HSE90 - One-Way Motorised Display Mount

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The heavy-duty version of our popular PSE90 wall mount angles the Sony 100" up to 80° in a single direction. This solution is great if you are installing this display in the corner of a room if you don't need the bi-directional rotation found in the HQA2. Our HSE90 also benefits from the ability to retract the display to sit parallel to the wall when it isn't in use so it doesn't permanently consume valuable floor space. 


PS80 - Manual Articulating Display Mount

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Our iconic scissor-arm design perfectly counterbalances the weight of the display so that you can effortlessly pull and rotate the large 100" display to achieve optimal viewing angles for consuming and delivering content. The PS80 also functions as an excellent service mount as the 28° of bi-directional rotation gives engineers fast access to the rear IO without the need to remove the display from the wall. Limiting disruption is paramount when performing servicing and upgrades on-site, so being able to access the rear of such a large display without having to remove it from the wall makes the process fast and simple.

You can also pair the PS80 with our WB80 (in-wall box). This gives you storage directly behind the display for AV accessories and also allows the display to sit just 18mm (0.7") from the surrounding wall. We can also create a custom-sized wall box so the entire display can sit flush with the surrounding wall for a cleaner look.



A 100" display can also be recessed into the floor in indoor commercial and hospitality spaces. We developed a proprietary Servo Driven System in-house, that gives us the capability to lift heavy displays (such as the Sony 100") out from within a floor recess with precision and speed. The following floor lifts utilise this technology to raise the Sony 100" display our from within a floor in a variety of unique ways.


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Our design team re-engineered every aspect of our existing PLF mechanism to create the new SRV-PLF-SONY100. While this lift performs a similar movement to our PLF, under the hood significant design changes were implemented so the lift would handle the additional weight and size of the Sony 100" display. A highlight of this brand new design is the servo drop and slide flap which was engineered to be solid and robust over greater widths. 


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The SRV-PLFS model adds 180° of bi-directional swivel to the mechanism so that the display can face any direction making it perfect for open-plan spaces.

SRV-PLF-TU-SONY100 - Customised version of our PLFS-TU

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If you need the display to raise up high, our telescopic model lifts the display to a customisable height for optimal viewing in educational facilities and conference halls. 



TSL-H-SONY100 - Customised version of our TSL

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Installing the Sony 100" display inside a piece of bespoke cabinetry allows clients to maintain a cohesive aesthetic in their space while still benefitting from convenient access to technology on command. This customised version of our TSL benefits from a height-efficient design that requires minimal spatial requirements to integrate into a project.

SRV-LS-S-SONY100 - Customised version of our SRV-LS

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In 2019 we demonstrated the power and versatility of our Servo Driven Technology by building the world's fastest display lifts. This range showcased the speed, precision and power that we can harness to effortlessly move larger and heavier structures. The SRV-LS raises the display out of a cabinet with the option to add a 180° bi-directional swivel. This discreet lift can be used to conceal and reveal large the Sony 100" display in under 8 seconds 

SRV-SBL-SONY100 - Customised version of our SRV-SBL

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This freestanding cabinet lift's unique parallax scroll movement is more height efficient than a fixed lid design, which makes the SRV-SBL ideal for larger displays. The 'floating lid' allows the display to be revealed with less vertical travel. This keeps the viewing height of the display less than a traditional cabinet lift.



RWL-SONY100 - Bespoke mechanism based on our SPS

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This bespoke 'Retract and Lift' mechanism conceals the Sony 100" display behind a moving panel so that the entire display can be hidden from view when it isn't in use. Known internally as the 'James Bond Lift' this mechanism is straight out of an action movie and is a show-stopping way to start an event or meeting. This mechanism is also a great way to protect the Sony 100" display from damage or theft when it isn't being used as it's completely hidden from view until it is required.


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Concealing the Sony 100" display behind our splitting pocket door/sliding partition system is a simple yet effective way to conceal it from view. Two sliding doors glide in front of the display which can be finished in materials that blend into the surrounding environment. The MDM-SPLIT is designed to be hidden within a wall or ceiling so the mechanism is completely hidden from view. This discreet solution can be integrated into fitted cabinetry to add additional functionality to an office or boardroom.