QA2 Newest Inductee Into The Cedia Hall Of Fame


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We've been manufacturing automated solutions for smart homes, commercial spaces and marine projects since 1998.

As we have grown, we have invested in expert teams and machinery to intricately craft all of the components we need to create our mechanisms. By bringing every manufacturing process in-house we are able to maintain an exceptional level of quality, from design to delivery. This also allows our teams to continually refine our designs to ensure that they remain at the forefront of technological innovation.


The QA2 has been through five evolutions since its' inception in 2008. These revisions have involved completely re-engineering how the mechanism rotates, therefore increasing the QA2's weight capacity whilst reducing the overall weight of the mechanism. Having all our manufacturing processes in-house ensures that there is no delay between a designer re-envisioning a product and it being manufactured. Our teams endeavour to continually tailor our mechanisms to better meet the needs of the AV industry and implement changes without delay. The QA2 embodies our design and manufacturing ethos, and also demonstrates our continued commitment to forward-thinking design that is never stationary.


Technical Drawing - Version 001 of our QA2 mechanism created in July 2008

Version 005 - The latest QA2 mechanism design


This is why we're proud that a mechanism that means so much to our company has been recognised by CEDIA as a product of significant historical relevance. Inducting the QA2 into CEDIA's Hall Of Fame in 2020 is a symbol of our dedication to true craftsmanship and obsession with innovation. 


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