11 MAY 18

Essential Install awarded our PS-WB manual articulating bracket and wall box Bracket of the Year at the annual Smart Building Awards. We’re proud that our manual articulating bracket range has claimed this accolade to accompany our motorised PSE90 mount, which claimed victory in the same category in 2017.

The bracket was praised for maintaining its smooth articulated motion and unmatched build quality, in a mechanism that is both thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

The innovation behind the design is the flexibility that the mechanism has afforded to the integrator. Installers now have a variety of mounting options to choose from, allowing for more adventurous projects.

Multiple sizes of Wall Boxes have been designed to allow for increased space behind the display for accessories, increasing options for installers to choose from during installation. Modularity baked into the core of the design allows a single product to encompass endless configurations, making the PS range the most versatile mounting solution on the market.

See how the PS-WB can be integrated into your installation here