Case Study: South Lodge Super Home


Case Study


This single-storey 'super home’ features four generously sized bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an Olympic-length swimming pool and gym, a front entrance with a 4m high single glass pivot door, and 13,000²ft of expansive floor space.



One of the key features of the property is its state-of-the-art home automation system, which was designed and installed by Majik House. The system was carefully crafted to enhance the design of the property and make living in the home an effortless experience. The automation system was designed to be simple for the client to use and also invisible, fully integrated with the building's structure. This included the lighting design, which was carefully chosen to enhance the clean and precise lines of the structure, casting colour across the expansive walls and recessed panels.



The property also utilizes advanced technology in other areas, such as its audio and video systems. The whole property uses Control4 whole home automation for audio and video, with Lutron QS utilized for lighting control, including automated blinds and curtain tracks. The integration between these systems ensures that everything works seamlessly together, providing the ultimate luxury living experience. In addition, the property uses 45 kw/h solar cells to power all lighting and electrical systems, making it both stylish and environmentally friendly.

One of the main challenges of this project was the need to completely re-develop the existing structure while also retaining the outdoor space and maintaining the traditional character of the seaside resort town. The architects and designers were able to successfully meet this challenge by designing a contemporary and luxurious single-storey structure that incorporated a range of cutting-edge technology and home automation systems. Without wishing to expand too much beyond the existing footprint of the original home to retain the outdoor space at the site, the desire was to completely re-develop the acre plot with a bold and contemporary yet, ultimately, luxurious statement property.



One of the standout features of this property is the Under Bed Lift system (UBL) in the master bedroom and guest bedrooms, which allows the client to maintain a minimalist design aesthetic throughout by removing the need for cabinetry at the foot of the bed. The compact and sleek Under Bed Lift (UBL) features a motorised flap that lifts to reveal the mechanism on command. When the flap is closed, the screen and mechanism are completely hidden under the bed, preserving the views out of the large windows in each bedroom and eliminating the need for freestanding furniture to mount the display on top of. This innovative solution perfectly fits the luxurious and modern design of the property and fully integrates into the smart home control system so it’s quick and easy to use.



The bespoke bed frames in both the master bedroom and guest bedroom were built by Matthew Hill Bespoke. The bed in the master bedroom was upholstered in velvet, while the bed in the guest bedroom was upholstered in vegan leather. These luxurious touches added to the overall comfort and style of the bedrooms.