Case Study: The Smart Home Garden


Case Study



The Smart Home Garden is a unique project that showcases how Future Automation products can be used to create a stunning connected outdoor space. The project was designed by RHS Chelsea medallist, Laura Anstiss for Potters Home Digital to seamlessly blend technology into a modern garden.


Transforming this traditional garden in Kent into a modern oasis filled with smart home technology demonstrates how clients can bring the comforts of their living rooms to their outdoor spaces. The Smart Home Garden has been designed with zones for cooking, lounging, and entertaining to reflect the areas found inside the home. However, integrating this technology in a way that doesn't compromise the natural beauty of the garden was a challenge that required specialised mechanisms from Future Automation to achieve.

Towards the rear of the garden, our weather-resistant IP-PS55 articulating display mount lets the display sit flush with the surrounding wooden architectural detailing. Recessing the display in this way allows the cables to be managed and stored out of sight for a clean and minimal finished look. Foliage and bushes not only help the TV blend into the garden but also shades it from the midday sun to reduce glare and reflections. 

The stainless steel construction of the IP-PS55 helps protect the mount from corrosion while also offering the same reliable and smooth manual rotation up to 50° that is found across the indoor suitable range. This mount was key to allowing the display to sit flush inside the wooden frame as the display could be hooked onto the IP-PS55 before being slid backward into place. This minimises the gap around the display while also making it simple for clients to angle the display to face different areas of the garden. Servicing the display is also made simple thanks to the one-handed operation thanks to the smooth articulation thanks to the IP-PS55's unique scissor arm design.

Moving to the front of the garden, a hidden bespoke screen disguises the large outdoor display to create a private and tranquil entertaining space. With the push of a button the panels separate to reveal the large outdoor display which is accompanied by surround speakers and a soundbar to achieve an immersive cinematic outdoor theatre experience.

Behind the scenes, our team engineered an outdoor suitable customised version of our MDM-SPLIT (Moving Door Mechanism) which can smoothly move each of the heavy oxidised decorative panels. The mechanism also securely hides the display from view for the security-focused homeowner, while also offering additional protection from the elements to ensure the display's longevity.

By using the IP-PS55 and the MDM-SPLIT from Future Automation, Potter's Home Digital team was able to create a garden that is not only packed with the latest smart home features, but is also discreet and secure. 

The Smart Home Garden project has won several design awards and has been praised for its innovative design and integration of smart technology. It's an exceptional example of successful technological integration that blends seamlessly into a tranquil garden.

These are just some of the unique outdoor-focused mechanisms available from Future Automation. You can find out more about other outdoor-focused mechanisms here - However, as we craft our mechanisms in-house we can design and manufacture customisable outdoor-suitable versions of many of our mechanisms. Get in touch with our team to discuss your project if your project requires a mechanism that isn't shown on our website.


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