TV Ceiling Hinge & Swivel 32" - 65" Screens


Product Range Update - The CHRS Range replaces the CHS range of mechanisms
The CHRS range is the new and improved version of our TV ceiling hinge & swivel mechanism. Allowing a flat screen television to be concealed horizontally within a ceiling and hinged down through 90 degrees for viewing. The bi-directional swivel unit allows viewing in a number of positions and offers more flexibility in regard to location of installation. A host of new features make this incarnation the most technically advanced and aesthetically pleasing TV ceiling hinge & swivel available.

An MDF "Plaster In Edge" allows for a neat installation into the ceiling, eliminating any visible on ceiling flange around the mechanism itself. This creates a seamless installation with only the smallest of shadow gaps around the lid when in the closed position. The CHRS units are delivered ready to install as one whole unit, reducing the chance of errors upon installation and streamlining the fitting procedure. Self adjusting limit switches in the closed position means that product set up is now even quicker and easier than ever before.

We value installer experience and have taken feedback on previous models to redesign the Ceiling Hinge range from the ground up. We designed the CHRS to be quick and simple for the installer, while exceeding the customers expectations; providing a near silent solution that is both practical and elegant.

Sam Barnes Designer of the CHRS Range
The CHRS range ships with both mechanical and electrical recovery options, ensuring that in the event of a 3rd party control or power failure the system can safely be accessed with ease.

  • Complete unit to allow for simple installation with no disassembly required
  • Sophisticated internal control system
  • MDF "Plaster In Edge" for neat installation into ceiling
  • Automatic up position to simplify adjustment
  • Near Silent Motor System
If you require technical info on the old style CHS - View Discontinued CHS

Product Code CHRS4 CHRS5 CHRS6
Control Options RS232 / Contact Closure / IR (RF Available) RS232 / Contact Closure / IR (RF Available) RS232 / Contact Closure / IR (RF Available)
Finish (Custom Available) Satin White Paint - RAL9910 Satin White Paint - RAL9910 Satin White Paint - RAL9910
Height Within Ceiling 210mm(8.3") 210mm(8.3") 210mm(8.3")
Max Screen Dimensions (HxWxD) 680 x 1130 x 100mm (26.8 x 44.5 x 3.9") 800 x 1330 x 100mm (31.5 x 52.4 x 3.9") 920 x 1530 x 100mm (36.2 x 60.2 x 3.9")
Max Screen Weight 30kg (66lbs) 30kg (66lbs) 30kg (66lbs)
Mechanism Weight (approx) 130kg (286lbs) 140kg (308lbs) 155kg (341lbs)
Movement Type Motorised Motorised Motorised
Shipping Information
Shipping Dimensions 166 x 136 x 44cm (65.35 x 53.5 x 17.32") 186 x 148 x 44cm (73.22 x 58.26 x 17.32") 206 x 160 x 44cm (81.10 x 62.99 x 17.32")
Shipping Weight 200kg (441lbs) 230kg (507lbs) 255kg (562lbs)
Downloads / Support
Technical Sheet PDF DocumentCHRS4-RES Tech
PDF DocumentCHRS5-RES Tech
PDF DocumentCHRS6-RES Tech
Instructions PDF DocumentCHRS Instructions
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