Social Media Review - Week 27



Week 27's Social Media Review is here - Lets see what Future Automation dealers and installers have been up to with our products this week!

Wiise Smart Homes have been cracking on with their latest Loxone install, using some of our LXN4 Loxone Enclosures - Great example of the LXN panel's cable trunking keeping everything nice and neat!

Our PM-UNI Universal Projector Mount helped Bespoke Home Cinemas celebrate Independence Day a little early this year! Projector fitting and calibration is a doddle thanks to the PM-UNI's 6-Axis adjustment and easy hook on/hook off fitting.

Homes U Control have also been cracking on with a Loxone install using an LXN4 Loxone Enclosure. Again, good cable management is key to a stress free install!

3-e Electrical are back again in another #Smartbarn, using one of our LXN5 Loxone Enclosures to facilitate whole home automation!

Plus, here's a bonus tweet from 3-e Electrical showing off some wiring to be proud of! Another great example of what installers can achieve using our DIN Rail Enclosures.

We don't envy IM Electrical for being up in the roof in this heat, but a super neat Loxone install in one of our LXN3 Loxone Enclosures should make it all worth while!

Lastly, SONA Projects have been integrating an LSM-BE TV Lifter into a stunning piece of furniture. Controlling the mechanism with the customer's RTI Remote is easy thanks to the LSM mechanism's IR, Contact Closure and RS232 control options!

Thanks to everyone who tweeting or posted about Future Automation this week, don't forget to follow us on twitter (@AutomatedTV) and tweet us your installed images and videos with a chance to be featured in next weeks Social Media Review!