Social Media Review - Week 26



In honour of #SocialMediaDay we are starting a weekly round up of our social media posts, mentions and more that feature anything Future Automation!

It's been a busy 7 days on Twitter, but below are a round up of our favourite tweets from Future Automation dealers and installers across the world:

Great work by Peter at Lyttle Sparks NI, using a Future Automation LXN4 Loxone Enclosure to tidy up an existing Loxone install.

Thanks to Sam at Clarke Infinity for a quick video showing off just how neatly you can recess a PSE90 Electric TV Wall Mount.

Halo Haus have been busy integrating one of our LXN5 Loxone Enclosure into their latest Smarthome project. Thanks for photo showing off the internal cable management that features in all of our DIN Rail Enclosures!

Over in the USA, West Coast Media Rooms have been easily pairing an LSM-EFA Lift System Medium with Control4 thanks to our built in RS232 and Contact Closure interface.

Barton Solutions have been using a number of Future Automation products in their huge South Devon project. This project also features some Future Automation FM Floor Mounts that Barton Solutions were kind enough to supply us images of.

Wiise Smart Homes are also working on a Loxone project using 2 of our LXN4 Loxone Enclosure, we look forward to seeing images of them all wired up!

Lastly, an honourable mention for Perfect Integration as they just missed the cut off for this week but are doing great work in Monaco using one of our PLS TV Lift and Swivel Mechanism, along with some Leon Speakers Profile Side Mount Speakers!

Thanks to everyone who tweeting or posted about Future Automation this week, don't forget to follow us on twitter (@AutomatedTV) and tweet us your installed images and videos with a chance to be featured in next weeks Social Media Review!