32" Samsung Frame TV All-In-One Mounting Solution


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Future Automation has been delivering forward-thinking mounting systems for Samsung's Frame TV range since its inception.

With the advent of the newest 32" variant, we wanted to offer an all-in-one solution to make it easy for pro AV integrators to discreetly mount both the Samsung 32" Frame TV and accompanying One Connect Box in a single location.

To achieve this goal we have launched three new products based on our award-winning manual articulating wall mount range. Our new PS32 joins our existing range of PS Brackets and utilises an identical smooth scissor arm design. The PS32 makes it easy to access the rear of the display with up to 50° of rotation when the 32" Samsung Frame TV is installed.

Installing the PS32 inside our new WB16-2S gives you additional space in between a twin stud frame to install the One Connect Box directly behind the display. Included adjustable mounting brackets allow you to customise the location and orientation of your One Connect Box. This makes cable management and future diagnostic access simple as you don't have to remove the display from the mount to access the One Connect Box. By installing the One Connect Box directly behind the display you avoid the need to chase the One Invisible Connection cable to a separate location (such as an AV rack). This greatly reduces the risk of damaging the delicate fibre optic connector and makes upgrades simple in the future.

As the 32" Samsung Frame TV has a proprietary mounting system, the key piece of our all-in-one solution is the new AP-FR32. This simple adapter plate allows the display to be installed on a VESA compatible mount. Combining this adapter plate with our PS32 and WB16-2S lets you install the 32" Samsung Frame TV without any visible cabling in a way that is simple to service and upgrade.


Got another size of Samsung Frame TV?

We offer an articulating PS Bracket and Twin Stud Wall Box for every Frame TV size offered by Samsung (At the time of writing). We've listed our recommended combinations below.


Only need access for servicing?

These combinations make it simple to access the rear of the display without removing it from the wall.


  • LS03R 43" / 49"

PS40 & WB21-2S

  • LS03R 55", 65" & LS03T 43" / 50", 55", 65", 75"

PS40 & WB26-2S

Does your customer want to rotate their display up to 50° to avoid glare/ reflections?

These combinations allow for more display rotation.


  • LS03R 43" / 49" & LS03T 43" / 50"

PS40 & WB21-2S

  • LS03R 55" & LS03T 55"

PS55 & WB26-2S

  • LS03R 65" & LS03T 65" / 75" (75" Max. Rotation In-Wall 38°)

PS65 & WB31-2S


Don't need space for the One Connect Box behind the display?

If you are installing your One Connect Box in a separate location to your Frame TV, our standard Wall Box (WB) range is designed to be installed in a single stud bay.