ISE 2019 Recap


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Our standout item was our brand-new SPLIT-BOX mechanism which we revealed at the show for the first time.

This mechanism borrows our servo driven technology from the SLS (Servo Lift and Swivel Prototype) mechanism which was also on display for the first time in Europe.



The innovative parallax scroll that our design team have implemented into this particular mechanism means that the cabinet is far more height efficient than other display solutions on the market and can hide displays up to 98” without the need to countersink the mechanism into the ground or sacrifice viewing height when the mechanism is fully extended.

We expect to be releasing this product in Q2/Q3 of 2019 for sale. 



As previously mentioned, our SLS (prototype servo lift and swivel) mechanism was also on display for the first time in Europe to demonstrate the power and precision of servo technology.



With the ability to accelerate vertically and rotate in 4.2 seconds it’s the fastest display mechanism we have ever created and it certainly exceeded expectations once again at this year’s exhibition.

While this prototype won’t be available to purchase as a standard product, we now offer the opportunity to utilise this technology within your bespoke projects.

Visit for more information about our pioneering research into servo driven automated mechanisms.

Our EAD and QA2 mechanisms also made appearances on our stand to demonstrate two separate applications for display position manipulation.

Both the QA2 and EAD were displayed within their respective in-wall boxes for the first time to show the potential to recess each mechanism inside a wall to conceal the mechanisms when they are in their closed positions.

You can find out more about the EAD and QA2 mechanisms, as well as their in-wall box mounting solutions via the links below.


Our popular DIN rail enclosures were also on display in both their shell and preconfigured variants.

The LCP7-RCBO12 preconfigured enclosure we displayed had been intricately wired by our dedicated enclosure configurator team to show the high standard of cable management they achieve in our enclosures.

In addition to the ‘site ready’ LCP-RCBO enclosure, we also displayed a shell LCP panel which we recessed into our showstand to demonstrate how to flush mount the panel within a wall. 



Finally, we utilised the Element One Versis commercial display inside a desk which doubled as a presentation area for clients during the show. The articulating display and keyboard recess panel wowed visitors as it hinged upwards to a comfortable viewing angle.

We’re the official distributor for all Element One products across the UK and US. Find out more about their range of products here


ISE is always a fantastic platform to showcase our latest and greatest products and services and we can't wait to see you all again for ISE 2020. Before that, though we have the 2019 Cedia Expo which we are already busy preparing even more innovative and never before seen products which will be shown publicly for the first time. 

Keep an eye on our social channels for updates on what we'll be showcasing in the run-up to Cedia Expo in Denver.