Case Study - Revolving Vanity Mirror Display Wall


Case Study



This 10000²ft mansion in Austin, Texas underwent a complete transformation to re-envision the space to make it smarter and more practical. This three-year collaboration utilised bespoke Future Automation design to enhance the functionality of the master suite with a precisely crafted revolving vanity mirror and display.

Haas Home Technologies worked closely with Britt Design Group and Crowell Builders to integrate smart technology in a way that would enhance the owner’s lifestyle. Understanding how the client would use each space allowed Haas to discover which systems would suit the client’s needs in a meaningful way. They ensured wiring was moved or added to accommodate the new layout of the home which was implemented by the design/building teams.

Close collaboration with the architect and designers ensured that the systems could be implemented in a way that would maximise the wiring infrastructure that would run these systems while minimising wall clutter to provide a clean and considered space that blended technology and design.



The master suite was extended into a once-confined internal mezzanine and pantry space to allow for a full panoramic view and spacious vaulted ceilings. As you enter the room you are met with cantilevered architectural elements that provide nuance and sophistication to the expansive space. The dividing wall in the centre of the room helps separate the sleeping quarters from the seating area with plush furnishing and handcrafted joinery.

The client specified that the dividing wall served two functions for both areas of the suite. As the client might want to watch TV in bed, or from the sofa they asked if it would be possible to have a display that could be viewed from both locations.



Our design team engineered a revolving display mechanism that would include a vanity mirror on one side and a display on the other. This fully bespoke mechanism would allow the user to choose which location of the room they could watch TV from without needing to mount two displays on either side of the decorative wall.



Haas looked to Future Automation to craft a rotating display mechanism because of our ability to create out-of-box solutions with precise control. The revolving mechanism guides the display into position in a consistent and repeatable way to ensure that both the mirror and display always sit flush with the decorative wall.


"Haas has relied on Future Automation lifts and mounts for many projects: ranging from simple applications to more complex projects like this one. Future Automation's products allow us to give our clients the technology they want without interrupting the design integrity of their beautiful homes. We can always trust the integrity of the mechanisms to operate optimally and consistently. Future Automation provides quality and consistency."
- Dee Peters (Haas Home Technologies)

Ease of use was essential to the owner, so Haas integrated both a remote control which is placed beside the bed and the Savant Automation app give the user multiple control options to have quick access to the mechanism. They were very happy with the results after seeing how precise and consistent the mechanism was and how simple it was to control.

When the mechanism isn’t in motion it is completely unassuming and blends seamlessly into the space. The incredibly tight tolerances around the perimeter of the display ensure that there are no visual hints at the capabilities of this impressive design.



Haas Home Technologies has a full rundown of this impressive install here and you can view the full gallery of images here

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