Crafting the ultimate Advance and Drop lift



The Electronic Advance and Drop wall mount is one of our smoothest mechanisms, redesigned to retain a rock-solid motion with larger displays. The near silent DC motors can now carry a display up to 35% larger and 50% heavier that the original EAD. These changes allow the redesigned EAD to tackle the largest displays on the market without compromising functionality.

We’ve entirely re-engineered a tilt and hook mounting system to allow for an easy install with a larger display. It is now possible for the display to be mounted by a solo engineer, a feat that was not possible with the previous model. The mounting system has contributed to a 25% reduction in weight, yet it is still able to hold over 3 times its weight when installed.

EAD Advance and Drop TV Mounting

Maximum advance is also able to reach even further with the redesigned assembly. The extended unit depth is 548mm (21.6”), increased by over 100mm (4”) from the previous model. We’ve integrated a cable management rail to ensure that wiring doesn’t interfere with the mechanism and remains out of view during operation.

EAD Electronic Advance and Drop TV Wall Mount

The resurgence in feature fireplaces has made the EAD mechanism a favourite in modern living spaces where the display is unable to be mounted at eye level. The advancing arm allows for the display to be lowered to a more optimal angle to ensure the client receives a viewing experience unlike any other.