Dealer Spotlight: Lewis Light & Sound


Case Study | Dealer Spotlight

LEWIS Light & Sound LTD, founded in 2015 by avid music and technology lover; Alex Lewis, provide easy to use solutions in the AV, light, and home automation sectors. Future Automation has worked with LEWIS Light & Sound on various projects and has provided their customer base with automated solutions in both the residential and commercial sector. They have over 13 years' experience in the AV, lighting and home automation industry.

Alex Lewis, the founder of the company, said he knew "Future Automation would be able to deliver whatever was required" when consulting with customers about future projects. One particular brief was a requirement for a large screen and cinema experience that would not take over the room and be overpowering. A drop-down TV was deemed the right solution. The customer didn't want to obscure the large floor to ceiling windows and mask the daylight that comes through them; therefore, Future Automation's Motorised Ceiling Hinge was the perfect accessory. The product allowed the TV to be lowered to the right viewing height and was integrated easily into the Control4 System, the control system used throughout the home, making the lift controllable via various methods.  


LEWIS Light & Sound have previously used other Future Automation motorised lifts, so they knew what to expect in terms of high quality and durability. LEWIS Light & Sound were pleased that the lift arrived prior to its delivery date and the installation ran smoothly due to the clear instructions that are already available online.

Both LEWIS Light & Sound and the client were extremely pleased with the results and the client uses the mechanism every day. Alex Lewis said, "we had no doubts, as we are confident that Future Automation products are well designed and built, giving us the confidence to install them in our client's homes with the knowledge they will perform well and reliably for years to come."