Case Study: Tillman Domotics - Belgrave Square


Case Study


Originally built by George Bavesi in 1825, this home sits among notable embassies and institutions on one of the most sought after streets in Britain, Belgrave Square.

At 28,000²ft, it features 10 bedrooms, a leisure complex, home cinema and a double stacking supercar garage. This property exudes luxury, with a bright and modern interior throughout. It was therefore important to the architecture firm heading the project that the AV solutions matched this exceptional space. We worked closely with Tillman Domotics who fitted a variety of our mechanisms to conceal and reveal displays within prominent areas of the home.

The casual living area is a relaxed open plan area of the home combining kitchen, dining and living room areas. However, this space can also be used for entertaining and informal dinner parties, which is why our sliding panel mechanism was utilised within this space, to conceal and reveal the display to suit the room's purpose at a given time. This flexibility was important due to the nature of the space and our mechanism sits discreetly out of sight at a moment's notice.





Moving into the master bedroom, striking warm tones and a modern four-poster bed give this room an inviting character. The bespoke cabinetry at the foot of the bed conceals the main display for this space. The PLS has a drop and roll flap which enables the entire lift to fully rotate so that the display can be viewed from both the bed and the informal seating area. This unique mechanism enables the owner to watch tv from an angle within the room with ease and can be controlled using the home control system. These mechanisms were installed in all of the main bedrooms so that guests could also benefit from the rotating features of this lift in their rooms.






The regal study is reminiscent of historical drawing rooms with an exceptionally crafted writing desk and seating. Displays in this space contain cameras for conference calls, a necessary feature for a modern study. However, the modern display aesthetics were mismatched within this regal design of the study, which is why the decision was made to conceal the display behind a framed picture on the wall opposite the writing desk. This lift enables the owner to decide if they want to remove the visual distraction of a tv from the room while it is not in use. This convenient solutions to hide the display behind the framed picture gives the owner options while they are working, the benefit of having a display when they need it without it becoming a distraction if they are working on time-sensitive projects.




Moving through the remaining rooms of this incredible space you are met with other jaw-dropping features. Whether it's the automated pool which doubles as a dance floor or the ceiling window which is built using thousands of LED bulbs to simulate any sky in the world all of the rooms have unique features which combine to make an eccentric and luxurious space.




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