Case Study: Perfect Integration - The Clarges


Case Study


This £160 million 'super-prime' complex of luxury apartments is nestled in the centre of London. Created by Laing O'Rourke, the intricate detailing of the exterior of the building is inspired by the 'Piccadil' lace colour which draws direct inspiration from Piccadilly's history and can be seen in the interior and exterior of the four buildings.



The smart home control system powers all aspects of the apartment including; lighting, heating, shading and of course all of the Future Automation mechanisms throughout the property.



The living room is a more formal entertaining space featuring a dramatic hand-made chandelier that bathes the room in a gentle warm glow. The bespoke mirrored cabinetry features warm accent lighting to complement the glow emitted by the chandelier. Nestled behind the sofas is a parchment-wrapped writing desk which is home to the first display concealment solution for the space. The display is hidden within the bespoke cabinetry and features and motorised flap which opens to allow the tv lift to extend upwards. This allows the homeowner to watch tv at a moment's notice in this space while maintaining the ability to hide the display when entertaining guests.

These lifts are also present within all of the guest bedrooms within the apartment to allow all guests to hide their tv's within their individual rooms. While each display is hidden the owner can enjoy the silver gilded detailing which has been hand applied to the cabinetry in each bedroom is a mesmerising wave pattern.



The cohesive aesthetic of the entire apartment is carried through to the master bedroom where warm accent lighting and bespoke mirrored cabinetry can be found on the far wall opposite the bed. However, a large display has been recessed within the cabinetry which has been fitted with a width matched Leon soundbar (MODEL HERE). Perfect Integration was keen to maintain access to the rear of the display to perform servicing and upgrades in the future. A traditional flat bracket would not have been able to recessed with a flush edge which is why we utilised the uniquely designed PS55 manual articulating bracket which allows access to the rear of the display without removing the display from the wall. This avoids the need to potentially cause damage to the display during servicing and upgrades by mounting and unmounting the display from the wall, especially with such a thin and light display with the mounted soundbar.



The flush finish that was achieved by the PS55 was echoed within the dedicated cinema space where the colossal 110" display has been recessed in a similar fashion. However, due to the larger size of the display, we utilised the PS80, which features a higher weight capacity to securely mount the display within the recess so that it sits flush with the sound-treated walls. The PS80 enables Perfect Integration to gain access to the rear of the display in seconds while dramatically reducing the risk associated with manoeuvring such a large and fragile display. This makes upgrading and servicing in the future a seamless process throughout the apartment. Accompanying the display is a full array of Dolby Atmos speakers which are fully hidden within the walls of the room. This allows this unassuming room to compete with many modern dedicated cinema rooms on both an audio and visual level.



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