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Case Study




This secluded estate was the ideal setting for the owner to undertake an ambitious renovation bringing this traditional country home up to date with a whole home Crestron system to let the owner adjust lighting, heating and audio throughout the property. 

While the original footprint of the home remains, a large extension has been added to the side of the property to allow the installation of an indoor swimming pool and personal sauna. The extension also allowed the owner to add a basement level to the home with a fully-stocked wine cellar, bar, gym, wet room and the Dolby Atmos home theatre.

Perfect Integration has been specifying our PS Range in their projects for their projects as it enables their team to service all of the displays in their projects without removing any of the displays from the wall. This is especially helpful for large and heavy displays. There are several large displays in this project that benefit from having a simple solution to access their AV connections.



The new basement level gym features a massive Sony Professional display and was too large for a single team member to service. Our PS80 makes it simple to access the rear of this display for servicing and upgrades in the future with smooth one-handed operation. Hidden Amina ceiling speakers fill the room with music during an intense workout and pairs with the large Sony display perfectly. Our PS80 finishes this room allowing the display to sit flush within the surrounding wooden baton surround for a clean and minimal aesthetic.



Our PS55 makes appearances behind other displays throughout the property. The 55" weatherproof display was necessary for the new swimming pool seating area because of the more demanding temperature and moisture requirements. This display is larger and heavier than a traditional display because of the weatherproof housing and needed a secure and stable mount that would enable Perfect Integration to perform upgrades in the same way as the other displays throughout the home. In this area, the display can also be moved and angled by the owner to achieve optimal viewing angles from any of the seating positions in the pool area. Amina speaker also makes an appearance in the pool area hidden within the curved wooden ceiling and can be connected to a professional DJ set for pool parties.



Our PS bracket can also be found in the child's play area where the display is paired with a width-matched Leon Speakers Horizon Soundbar to deliver high-quality audio for watching movies and music. This clean and minimal setup looks great mounted within the surrounding cabinetry.



The casual living and dining areas have been completely redesigned so they are open plan with lots of natural daylight from the large windows. The new casual living area called for our design team to create a custom display mounting solution to suit the owner's vision for the space.



Perfect Integration pitched several ways of concealing a display within the casual living room area inside the existing cabinetry, but the owner didn't want to adapt the existing integrated woodwork to conceal the display. Instead, the owner asked for the display to be floor mounted so that it is uncomplicated and always available. 



Our design team were tasked with customising our FM Floor Mount so that the base plate could be mounted under the floor in the living room so that the cabling could be run under the floor to remove any trip hazards while accessing the cabinetry behind the display. Our team create a customised mounting plate that the FM pole can be secured to that provides a clean and minimal display mount. 



Moving back down to the basement level you can find the smart temperature-controlled wine cellar so the owner can take a bottle of wine into the home theatre room which is right next door. The luxurious sound-treated cinema is configured for Dolby Atmos and has been tuned to suit the owner's personal taste. The automated display transitions seamlessly between 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios to suit almost every movie natively. The cinema has acoustically treated sound panels throughout that have intricate detailing from the decorative studs to hand-finished wooden trim.



Hidden behind a sound panel is the heart of the home. Perfect Integration hid the server room within a hidden wall in the cinema behind another soundproof door so that it is inaudible while in the cinema. The server racks are placed on rails so they can slide forward to make servicing and troubleshooting simple for the team. This room is completely hidden from view behind the hidden door and is an excellent example of how to discreetly conceal a server room.



Reclining Fortress seating is finished in blue velvet to compliment the sound panels and provide exceptional comfort for watching movies finishing this exceptional home theatre.



The new features don't end in the main house as a brand new automated car garage and completely rebuilt office has been built on the footprint of the original parking area. This lets the owner lower their cars into a basement level below the office for safe and secure storage for their collection. The upper floor of this separate building has an alcove ceiling which required an innovative solution to mount a display in what will become the casual seating area of the office overlooking the tennis court.

Our DA Articulating Manual Wall Mount was mounted in the corner of the room to allow the display to be mounted neatly in the corner of the room. The double-arm design of this mount enabled Perfect Integration to get the display at just the right angle for optimal viewing. The display is again paired with a width-matched Leon Speaker Horizon soundbar for professional audio quality for clients before or after meetings.



This ambitious project showcases how integrators can benefit from manual display mounts to enable a single engineer to service every display within the home no matter how large. Our design team were also able to deliver a customised display mounting solution that the client was pleased with. 



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