Case Study: La Scala Vancouver CEDIA Award Winner 2019


Case Study


Originally built in the 1960's as a single floor spacious suburban home by Ian Davidson, this 'park-like' suburban home is nestled in a quiet corner of Vancouver and has been modernised to include a number of state-of-the-art smart home features to enhance the property's original design.


The living room serves two purposes thanks to some forward-thinking AV integration. Our PD Projector Drop mechanism enables the living room to transform into a cinema space which can be revealed alongside the hidden projector screen.


As the home was originally designed to span a single floor, all of the rooms within the home are exceptionally oversized. This gave La Scala freedom to sculpt the house to suit the owner's vision without constraint.

Lighting was meticulously considered throughout the home to allow both natural and artificial lighting to enhance artwork and landscaping details. The home benefits from floor to ceiling windows along the exterior to allow natural light to bathe the dining room, living room and master bedroom during the day. 105 zones of considered lighting allow for a seamless transition between day and night. 


It was important to the homeowner that the AV integration throughout the home didn't obstruct the views to the garden which could be enjoyed throughout the property. Our PSE90 articulating display mount was chosen for the master bedroom as it enabled La Scala to mount the display onto the adjacent wall to the bed. The mount then rotates and extends away from the wall to a preset angle so that the owner can watch tv from the bed. User-controlled blinds ensure that privacy can still be maintained in any area of the home even with such an expanse of glass throughout the property. 


This project won two 2019 CEDIA awards for A Best Integrated Home Level III (Americas) and Best Documentation. 


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